From September 3 to November 23 "Kimba il leone bianco" TV series were aired in Italy on "Odeon" during the "Sugar" TV programme, from Monday to Friday.

The complete 1965 "Jungle Emperor Leo" anime was aired as "Le Retour de Léo" in France on "La 5" ("La Cinq"). They were followed by the complete 1966 "Leo" anime, but this time the 1966 "Leo" was recorded with new french voice actors. The airing started on September 17, 1990.

The above episodes were later broadcasted on TF1 in 1995 (under the title "Le Retour du Roi Léo") and on FR3 (France 3) in 1996 as well.The opening theme was sung by Claude Lombard, and pictured here is the scan of the 45rpm record with the theme. This song is actually based on the opening theme of the italian TV series "Sabato al circo"("Saturdays at the circus") - the music (by N.Carucci) is the same in both songs, only the italian lyrics (by A.Valeri Manera) were replaced with the french lyrics by Charles Level.

Note: Although the image on the cover of the 45rpm record suggests that the 1989 Kimba series were also aired on "La 5", there is no further information on this.


"Kimba the white lion - Symphonic poem" movie has been imported from Japan and distributed by Right Stuf International.
   Note: Most of the music from the above clip Isao Tomita, the composer of
   the music from the 1965 "Jungle Emperor" series, later took and rearranged
   for the opening sequence of the 1997 "Jungle Emperor Leo" movie
14 episodes of the "Kimba der weisse Löwe" series that were never shown in 1977 (but which were newly dubbed - including the episode "The Return of Fancy Prancy" that was initially aired in 1977 but which was damaged immediately after that first airing, and so it had to be retaken and redubbed for the "Bou Bou" series), and all 26 episodes of the "Onward, Leo!" series were all together aired in Germany on Pro7 as "Bou Bou - König der Tiere". The name was changed because of the copyright reasons. (Many thanks to Swen Steffens for these explanations!)
In addition to Pro7, "Bou Bou - König der Tiere" was also aired on TV München, but the year is not known.

"Kimba il leone bianco" video has been released in Italy by a company called Pretty Video.

 The shown video contains two episodes from the italian 1970s airings, "Invasione degli insetti" ("Insect invasion") and "Distruttori del deserto" ("Destroyers from the desert").This video is a very rare item, very hard to find.


"Jungle Emperor" (aka "Kimba the White Lion") anime was aired in Japan on TV Tokyo every Tuesday and Thursday at 7:30 AM.


"Kimba the white lion" remake of the U.S. 1966 series was made (it was released on video later). It was made by Landmark Entertainment Group, Susuki Associates and CEG Cinema Partners, and it was distributed by CEG Distribution. In Australia this release was later released on video by CEL Entertainment (left) and by MRA Entertainment (right).
"Leo the lion" TV series were aired as "El emperador de la jungla" in Spain on Telecinco (Tele 5). (Many thanks to Mazochungo for this info!)



Some "Leo the Lion" episodes were released on video in USA by Palm Beach. Video releases

"Kimba der weisse Löwe" TV series were aired in Germany on RTL 2. They were aired almost at the same time "Lion King" was shown in movie theaters.





"Kimba the lion prince", probably the second release of the 1993 "Kimba the white lion" release, has been released on video by UAV (United American Video). Video releases 

1993 "Kimba the white lion" video release has been dubbed and released on video in Slovenia as "Kimba beli levcek". Video distributor in Slovenia was Alteka video. 

1993 "Kimba the white lion" video release has been dubbed and released on video in Croatia as "Kimba bijeli lavic". Video distributor in Croatia was Zauder Film. Post-production (dubbing) credits

20 episodes from the "Go ahead, Leo!" (aka "Leo the Lion") episodes dubbed in french have been released in France on video as "Le Retour du Roi Leo", by TF1 Video and MMP. Video releases






All episodes from the "Go ahead, Leo!" TV series were released in Germany on 13 VideoCDs under the title "Der Löwen König" by a company called TopWare. Each VideoCD costed 19.95 german marks (that's about 10.00 US dollars). TopWare also released some of these episodes on VHS.


 Manga "Le roi Leo" was published in 3 volumes in France by Glénat. Manga

"Kimba el leon blanco" TV series were aired in Mexico on Fox Kids Network. The airing started on Friday, November 1, 1996. This is (probably) the 1993 "Kimba the white lion" remake dubbed in Spanish.(Thanks to Mazochungo for the update of this info!)
"Kimba the white lion" anime was aired in Australia on a Fox pay cable service (I don't know its exact name).
One episode from the 1989 "Kimba" series was presented at the "Tampere International Short Film Festival" (March 6-10) in Tampere, Finland. (Many thanks to Lauri Welling from Finland for this info!)


The second, new "Jungle Emperor Leo" movie has been released in Japan. It was distributed by Shochiku and by BMG Japan. The first showing was on Friday, August 1, 1997 at 9:40 AM. Video releases

6 episodes of the "Kimba beli levcek" video release was shown in Slovenia on POP TV.

1994 "Leo the Lion" release has been released in Croatia under the title "Lav Leo". The video distributor was Continental Film.

"Kimba the white lion" TV series were aired in the U.K. on Fox Kids Network. The airing started in August 1997. The episodes were aired every Saturday and Sunday, starting at 6:00 AM GMT.

The australian DVD release of the "Leo the Lion" series (containing 6 episodes from the series) has been released on 3 DVDs. These DVDs are region free and are in PAL format. DVD releases

8 episodes from the 1993 Kimba (aka "Canadian") episodes dubbed in french have been released in France on video as "Les Aventures de Kimba Le Roi de la jungle", by L.C.J. Editions. Video releases


Some episodes from the 1989 "Kimba" TV series were released under the title "The new adventures of Kimba the white lion" on video by Pioneer Family Entertainment. Video releases

In Germany in the City's library of Munich (München) on two Wednesdays, August 5 and 12, starting at 3:00 PM CET four episodes from the "Kimba der weisse Löwe" series were shown to children on video.

"Kimba el leon blanco" TV series has been aired in Puerto Rico. This is (probably) the 1993 "Kimba the white lion" remake dubbed in Spanish.  (Thanks to Mazochungo for the update of this info!)

1997 "Jungle Emperor Leo" movie was shown at the 47th Melbourne International Film Festival (July 23 - August 9 1998). It was shown on 2 places: in the Bourke Street in Village Center on Friday 24th July at 1:00 PM, and at the Forum Theatre on Saturday, July 25 at 3:15 PM.

"Leo the lion" TV series were again aired in Spain, this time as "Leo, el rei de la selva" on TV3. Airings in July were at 8:25 AM.


1997 "Jungle Emperor Leo" movie was shown at the Anime Festival in Berkeley 1999, on Saturday, June 20, at 3:00 PM.

1989 "Kimba" TV series was aired in Germany on "Junior", part of the pay-TV "Premiere World", under the name "Leo der kleine Löwenkönig" (Leo the Little Lionking). All 52 episodes of the series were aired from Monday to Friday at 11:00 AM CET. The airing started on 9th August and ended on October 20, 1999. (Many thanks to Marc from Germany for these infos!)

One "Kimba the white lion" episode was aired in Turkey on the satellite channel Cine 5. It was aired on September 2 at 6:30 AM.

"Una giungla di avventure per Kimba" TV series (which consisted of the 1993 "Kimba", "Go ahead, Leo!"/"Onward, Leo!" & "New Jungle Emperor Leo" episodes) were aired in Italy on Italia 1. They were aired Monday to Friday, starting at 7:15 AM, 2 episodes per day. The broadcasting started on Monday, September 13, 1999.